So I don’t usually write much about my feelings, my emotions; the way that I feel.  My normal posts are about saving money or couponing.  This is probably going to be an all over the place post, but this is how I’m feeing right now.  I would like to say that I have a lot together in my life…but the reality is…I don’t.  It’s funny how easy it is to loose track of you in life.  You see yourself as a wife, mom and friend.  You often forget that you are a person too.

I feel really lost right now.  I am not a perfect person….I don’t feel that I portray myself to be.  I have flaws just like everyone else.  I am a human who makes mistakes.  I am a female who gets hormonal and emotional (sometimes overly…boy my husband will love me saying that) and I often let those emotions get the best of me.  This is not one of those times.  This is something that I have felt for a while now.  I feel like I have lost touch of who I am…the things that make me happy don’t fulfill me as much as before.  The thing that used to make me smile,  don’t always do it anymore.  The way that I used to think isn’t the same.  I don’t always know if that’s a good thing…but its the truth.

A few years ago I knew where my life was going to go.  I was going to be a baker.  I was going to go to school for pastry and get my degree.  Then I developed tendonitis.  I still to this day have days where it hurts to do anything with my hands.  Thank God that these days are now few and far in between.  I am afraid to start baking again because of my hands.  I fear that I will just screw them up even further.    I have looked at the things I love….God, my family, baking and music.  If I could live my life doing those few things, I would be content…probably happy even.  I give up on so many things because of a fear of failure.  A fear that I will mess up and won’t be able to come back from it.  That I am not able to move past myself; let alone anyone else move past.  I fear that in trying to make me happy, I will hurt my kids an my husband.  That I won’t be around enough; be the mom and wife that they need me to be.  And yes, feeling this way is kind of counter productive.  I can’t be the best mom/wife that they NEED me to be if I don’t know what makes Robin tick.  Robin matters just as much as they do….but my thoughts are ALWAYS about them.  I am always thinking of my family.  And others may or may might not agree, but I don’t think of me often.

These are the days where I wish my grandma was still here.  I used to be able to call her and no matter what I was dealing with or going through, I would feel better.  She would help me to focus on whatever it was that I  needed to deal with and ensure that I was alright.  I feel lost without that little piece of me.  Maybe it’s not so little, but there is a piece in my heart that is missing.  Nothing has felt quite the same since she passed.  My life has not ben the same.  I know that God helps us and that He eases the pain of losing someone because He has.  He has made it easy to get through my days without crying.  It’s been almost 3 years and I can function.  But there are days like today…like the past couple months, where I feel lost.  Like I need direction.  Where the sound of her voice just seems like it would give me so much more than anyone would think.  Clarity even.

Lord I need something.  I don’t know what….but I have said all this to say that I am lost….right now…I feel like I’m totally lost.


Veteran’s Day Freebies 2015!!!!!!!!!!

It’s that day again.  I make a blog post almost every year about the freebies that happen on Veteran’s Day!  Well….here it goes:

*** DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that these are the ones that have been sent to me.  There may be others out there so please feel free to do other research.  One blog that I follow that has a veteran’s day freebie post is www.hip2save.com.  Please also see www.Militarywallet.com’s post about veterans day freebies.  Please visit these sites for additional offers that may not be listed below.  Please also note that these deals will require you to show proof of service (DD-214, Active duty ID Card, Veteran’s ID card, a photo of you in your uniform, LES, or retired ID card). Due to some businesses being owned individually, you may want to call and verify that your location is participating to avoid a wasted trip.  AND lastly, don’t forget to ask if you can get your free meal to go.  Sometimes they will allow it! ***

Achatz Handmade Pie Co. is 50% off all fruit pies for veterans today, plus a goody bag. (Offer not valid in the Ann Arbor location)

Applebee’s is offering a free meal as well!  See the menu here.

Bonefish Grille is giving free bang bang shrimp with an entrée purchase.  But you have to have this offer here.

California Pizza Kitchen is offering a free meal. See this link to find the menu.

Chili’s is offering a free meal.  The meal options are grilled smoked chicken burrito, fresh mex pairings – choose 2, any lunch combo, any full size flat bread, soup and salad, old timer with cheese, grilled chicken salad, margherita chicken fresh mex bowl.

Cheeseburger in Paradise is giving a free hamburger and french fries.

Denny’s is offering a free grand slam until noon today!!!!

Famous Dave’s is offering a free one meat salute.  See here for the meat options.

Joe’s Crab Shack is giving  free appetizer with an entrée purchase.  Valid up to $13.00.

Little Caesars is giving veterans get a free $5 Hot-N-Ready lunch combo. The combo includes a small deep dish pizza and a 20-ounce drink.

Logan’s Roadhouse is giving a free dessert.  Offer not valid in NC, SC, or Augusta, GA.

Longhorn is giving a free Texas onion and non alcoholic beverage.

Macaroni Grill is giving a free appetizer with a dinner entrée purchase.  Valid up to $10.95.

Olive Garden is offering special entrees for free and you can check out the menu items here.  Family members dining with them receive 10% off their meals.

Outback is giving a free bloomin’ onion and non alcoholic beverage.  They are also giving 15% off to military families through the rest of the year! AND don’t worry!  if you are deployed, you can go here and reserve your bloomin’ onion for after January 1, 2016!

Certain Panera Bread locations (none in MI) are offering a free you pick 2 to veterans.  See here for those locations.

Pie Five is giving a free pie (pizza).  You have to print or show the offer here on your phone.

Red Robin is offering a free red tavern burger and bottomless fries. Be sure to sign up for their rewards program and you will receive a free burger on your birthday and other military specials throughout the year.

Ruby Tuesday is offering a free appetizer.

Ryan’s is offering a free lunch buffet from 11am – 2pm.

Sticky Fingers is giving a free meal up to 12.99.

Texas de Brazil is giving 50% off to all veterans from through 11-12-15.  See the restrictions here.

Texas Roadhouse is offering free lunch from 11am – 2pm from this menu.

TGI Friday’s is giving free lunch from 11am – 2pm.  Select items only and offers may vary by location.

UNO’s is offering a buy one get one free pizza or entrée offer for vets.


How dare you!

Today, i have witnessed some very disturbing behavior.  I have to say that I am very upset and hurt by it as well.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to post about anything personal….dealing with myself or others that I am close with.  But today, I feel the need to say this!

It is one thing to voice your opinion about a situation, but to turn around and basically make it seem like you are the good guy in a situation and that you have done nothing to hurt the situation is wrong. Just over a year ago, it was taken into your own hands for you to ask someone to marry you.  Not them to ask you, but you ask them.  When a person does this, usually that means that they are committed to the relationship, to making it work, and to putting in the time and effort to push through the issues; to pray together and to go to church together, to be fully engulfed in the marriage as GOD has put you together as one.  If you were not ready for the commitment, then you should not have proposed and then said I Do!  You knew the ramifications going in and that everything wasn’t as simple as 1-2-3 (on her end).  But you still walked down the aisle and said I Do!  Then after not even a few months, you can’t cope and you turn around and make everything all about you when it should have been about we…not me.  You left.  Love is not all about “me.” It’s actually more about “you!”  When you devote your life to someone, what you want is not supposed to be in the forefront of your mind.  It should be, how can I make things better for them.  She went out and got a job to help support you and the family, to make things more comfortable for you.  She never asked you to stop doing what you were doing.  All she said was come home sometimes!  I don’t think that is too much to ask of a spouse.  Do you?  

When you love a person and you care about a person, (truly and genuinely) you do not want to cause them any hurt, harm or danger. But when you take the cowards way out and bounce without notice, without logic….that is some BS.  What did you think was going to happen?  When you approach someone and ask them for their life, that is you taking it into your hands to do what you “wanted” to do.  How can you say that you love someone and then you leave and have not been seen again in months?  When the posts begin to be more about me and not us?  It is not easy being a woman who has loved for a long time.  It’s not easy trying to put on a front so that everyone doesn’t ask you over and over again….what’s going on?  Where is your husband?  Aren’t you married?  How do you answer that question without letting on that your husband is a **hole who broke your heart?  Oh it has been done, over and over again.  And not once have you been slighted or talked about in a wrong way.  

How dare you take the easy way out and just leave!  How dare you try to make it seem like she is the one who asked you to change your life and to do something that you didn’t appear to want to do!  How dare you walk out and then avoid the situation for a second time, not return phone calls, or text messages!  How dare you turn around and make it seem like everything is all about you!  How dare you sit and make it seem like there is not more to the situation than there is!  How dare you say that you love them and you want the best for them when in reality, you want whats best for you!  How dare you do that when you only give a piece (yours) of the story!  

What the whole world sees is your side.  Why?  Because she has had more respect for you than you ever had for her.  Because she is a woman of God who honors what she has said she would do.  She has loved and supported you, even through all the drama.  But when a fact is stated on Social Media, it’s a problem.  You don’t have a problem posting what you are, so why can’t she post what she’s not.  How much of a double standard is that?  And how dare you not defend her for simply stating the truth.  You do it all the time.  How hypocritical can you be?  I used to think that you were different, that you were genuine.  I used to think that you really cared for my friend, but now I see that you are a selfish, inconsiderate, lonely, hurt, sad and confused man with very little respect for the person that you asked to spend your life with.  Please remember that it was never her that came to you and said hey, marry me! It was you that pursued her.  So when your friends say that she is in the wrong….remember you started the entire spiral of events.  Not her! SMH!  Come one people, get a clue and lastly, like the title of this post says:

How dare you!?!

My Anniversary Flowers

As many of you know, Courtney and I have an anniversary tomorrow.  I had a small issue with the flowers that I got so I had to write a blog post about the customer service that I got from ProFlowers.  So today I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Courtney.  I love when my anniversary comes around because I am sure to get some awesome flowers….one of my favorite things to get!  Tis year, he ordered them from ProFlowers, as he has many times before.  However when I opened them and began to unwrap them, there was a small issue.  A few flowers had broken stems near the rose itself.  I called ProFlowers to inform them of what had happened and was greeted by a very happy and upbeat woman on the phone.  This is how our conversation went:

CSR:  Good afternoon.  Thank you for calling ProFlowers.  How can I assist you today?

Me:  Hi.  I am calling because I received the flowers that my husband ordered for our anniversary and and some of the stems on the roses were broken.

CSR:  Oh my!  That’s not good.  And they were like that when you took them out of the box?

Me: Yes. 

CSR:  Let’s go ahead and fix this.  Do you have the order number?

Me:  Yes.  (I give the order number)

CSR: Give me a second while I look that up.  (It only takes a couple of seconds)  I see that this is your 10th anniversary.  Happy anniversary!

Me:  Thank you!

CSR:  I’m sorry the flowers weren’t perfect for you!  This is a big day.  Let me look and see what options the system gives me. (Pause for a few seconds)  Well, because we didn’t get this right the first time, we are going to send you out some more flowers.

Me:  (Thinking….wow.  I actually wasn’t expecting that)  Okay.  That great.

CSR:  Okay so you will receive another 2 dozen roses on or before Tuesday.  You will have a lot of roses for the holiday. 

Me:  (In total shock for the entire order) Wow!  Really?  Thank you so much!

CSR:  I can see that you are happy now.  You didn’t sound so happy at the beginning of the call.  Also, did you know that we have a 7 day freshness guarantee?

Me:  No.  What is that?

CSR:  Well, if the flowers die within the first 7 days of arrival, you give us a call and we replace them.  In your case though, if they new set of flowers isn’t fresh for the 7 days, you would get a refund.

Me:  I had no clue.  Thank you for telling me that.  I had no clue.

The conversation ended normally.  I just had to share what happened to me today.  My honey bought me some super beautiful flowers…and I’m getting another set for free….all because I called.  I wasn’t going to, but then I was thinking…what if there are more that came from my batch of flowers that do the same.  I feel like ProFlowers went above and beyond today!  I will always use them if I have to order some flowers! 

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day!  I want to start off with saying Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s who read this post!

I’m blessed to have my daddy in my life and him around.  He has ALWAYS bee there for me, always been there to listen and always been there to offer me some fatherly advice.  I love my daddy soooooo much and can’t even imagine what my life would e like with anyone else.  He LOVES his grandbabies and always has a smile on his face when they are around.  I’m glad that whenever he is having a bad day, I have something that can make his smile! 🙂

I have been blessed by God with my hubby!  My hubby LOVES God and puts God first.  That is the greatest thing that a girl could ever ask for.  He is a wonderful father to our babies! You can see love in the way he treats them, in the way he acts with them, the way he cares for them. Our story is truly unique!  We met all on our own, at Walgreens in August of 2002.  His mom and my grandma had been working together for a really long time.  I knew he was a good fit when my sister, Brittany, found nothing about him that she could complain about. Brittany found SOMETHING wrong with every one of my boyfriends.  It was like he just fit.  In Courtney, my little brothers gained an older brother and I am so very grateful that ALL of my brothers and sisters love him!   Now, no one is perfect, but our individual imperfectness (I don’t think that is a word) makes us perfect for each other.

I have to say that I LOVE how my dad and my hubby get along.  My daddy gave me away at my wedding and I still remember him giving a toast at our dinner reception.  It was awesome!  I can’t wait until November 23, 2013!  10 years and we are going to PARTY!  We are going to eat and toast and dance.  I hope that my daddy will give another toast….and maybe, just maybe, I can get my official daddy/daughter dance.  And my hubby and I will get to do our “first dance.” Anyhow…..on and on I could go, but to finish it off,

Happy Father’s Day to 2 of the most important men in my life!

I love you!

Happy Birthday to Me!

So as the month of March ends, I look at all the stuff that I have gotten for free this month and all the things that I have /had coupons for!  It’s amazing to see how much you can get for free during the month of your birthday.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are your sucky coupons.  A few, however, are beyond great!  Here is my list of birthday coupons, plus the links where you can join them!

Benihana: Email coupon for $30.00 off your meal.  Now one thing that I will say about this coupon is that is only good Monday through Thursday.   Also, they have a kids club. Kabuki Kids program. Each child will receive a special birthday email or postcard for a FREE Benihana mug with purchase of a kids meal during the month of their birthday.

Sephora: For this one, you would have to join the Beauty Insider club.  This year, they gave me 2 gifts.  I got the mascara and a lip product for FREE!

Stir Crazy: You get a coupon once you sign up, but the month of your birthday, you will receive a coupon for a FREE menu item of your choice.  I chose the Miso glazed chilean sea bass and it was great!

Starbucks: This one is a bit more work.  You need to register a starbucks gift card (and keep up with it) in order to get the reward, but it’s worth it in my opinion.  You receive a free beverage during the month of your birthday.  ***There is a bonus to this.  Starbucks owns Teavana so you may get coupons for there as well.  I got a coupon for a free 16oz tea.

Godiva: With this rewards club, you receive a free piece of chocolate every month, plus during the month of your birthday, you get $10.00 off any purchase of $10.00 or more.

TGI Fridays: I love this program!  Everytime you go to Fridays, you give the server your phone number to receive points for your purchase.  You can redeem them for free entrees, desserts, etc.  On your birthday, you receive a coupon in our inbox for a free dessert with the purchase of an entree.

Sonic: In the Cruisers club, on your birthday I received a coupon where I got to choose from  a medium tots, medium drink, or 14oz CreamSlush.

Speedway: You will need to go into a store and pick up a card.  They have an awesome rewards program depending on how often you stop by.  For my birthday, I got 200 bonus points.

Olga’s: For this club, you need to request a card.  Once the card arrives, you register it on the site and you receive $5.00 off your next purchase.  For your birthday, you get a free dessert.

Max & Erma’s: Once you register, you receive $4.00 off your next purchase.  For your birthday, you get 6 free cookies but throughout the year, there are free items loaded to your card quite frequently.  Until the end of march, there is a free order of pretzels.  Something different for the first 2 weeks in April!

Pizza Hut: If you sign up to receive emails from pizza hut, for your birthday, you will get a free order of breadsticks or cinnamon sticks on your next online order.  (You can order just the breadsticks, but call your location to see if they need you to print the email so they have proof)

Red Robin: During the month of your birthday, you get a free burger.  You get every 10th item for free!

Texas De Brazil: You get coupons in your email during the year.  For your birthday, you get a coupon for a FREE dinner when you buy one at full price.

Outback: For your birthday, you get a free aussie-tizer!

Awesome deal at Macaroni Grill!!!!!!!!

**Online only**

Buy $50.00 in gift cards for $40.00 or buy  $100.00 in gift cards for $75.00 when you use code FRIENDS2012 ! That’s like getting a $25.00 gift card for free.  In addition, reveive a $5.00 in bonus cards for every $25.00 in gift cards you purchase!  So you get 120.00 in food from macaroni grill for only $78.50 shipped if you buy $100.00 and $60.00 if you buy $50.00 worth for $43.50!

Offer good until 1/1/2013!  Bonus cards must be redeemed between 1/2/13 and 2/28/13.

To order gift cards, visit Macaroni Grill!