I used to make resolutions…and break them!  I made them every year intended to keep them, but it NEVER happened.  I used to sit back and wonder, “Why is it that a week in, I already broke my resolution?”  Well, I figured out why!  It was always way too unreasonable!  It’s really stupid to say, I’m gonna cut out all the extra candy and expect to go cold turkey!  It’s really stupid (for me) to say that I am gonna not buy ANYTHING that I don’t need at the moment.  It’s really stupid to say that I’m gonna vow to loose all this weight and then get mad when it doesn’t happen.  It’s easier to set some short term goals.  I was just listening to my mother-in-law say that she read in a magazine that it’s easier to set monthly goals.  So true!  It’s more realistic, especially if there is a lot that you want to get accomplished throughout the year.  For example: Let’s say this is your list of “to do in 2011”  1. lose xyz lbs  2. cut back/out candy  3. eat healthier  4. read more  5. exercise more. Well, put them in order!  Some can help with others.  Every month add something new until you have everything.  Then just continue for the rest of the year.  January-eat healthier, February-cut back/out candy, March-exercise more, April-you are already probably beginning to lose weight, but boost everything up a little more to give that added kick and just keep it up over the rest of the year.  Reading more can just get thrown in over the warmer months because you will want to be outside and you can go sit in the sun!

I don’t really have any goals for this year that aren’t expected adn can’t happen everyday.  I want to exercise more which is one of the most important and my goal for January is to exercise more.  Maybe actually set up certain days in February, and then keep that up for the year.  I want to eat better (cut back on my sweets) and this will be gradual over the whole year.  I’m going to write more, read more and sing more.  I’m going to live better and save better!  I’m gonna just overall be better in 2011!  I’m going to get my family better in 2011!  I’m really excited for the year!  And I hope you are too!  Be blessed guys!  Hope it wasn’t too bad to read.


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