Casey Anthony not guilty…

I am responding to everyone that has a post about the Casey Anthony trial. So now, today, 7-5-11 at 2:15PM, the jury declared her NOT GUILTY! Everyone seems to have an issue with the fact that the jury declared her not guilty. First and foremost, we are human. It is human nature to jump to conclusions, to assume that you know the truth. Now as a juror, it is your job to look at the evidence and not go on emotion. They did just that. The only thing that they had on her was that she spent those days without her daughter partying and having a good ole time. No one knows/knew her mindset. No one knows what she dealt with/was dealing with. No one TRULY knows what happened except God.

I know at this point in the article, everyone is thinking “I know she is not defending her. I know she not making up excuses. I know she this and I know she that (referring to me). At this point, get mad, kick scream fight, yell, do what you have to do to get over it because the case is done now. Let it go. The only reason why we all know about it is because of TV reporters opening their mouths and making it public. We normally only find cases like this (popularity-wise) with celebrities. It may not have even gone to trial or gone on this long! The media scrutinizes information and sometimes change the public opinion about things.

I am a Christian. And speaking from a spiritual point of view, anyone that is a true Christian should have just prayed for her and left it alone. She has been through quite a bit, regardless of guilt and no matter what everyone say, she does deserve peace. She will never have a “normal life.” Now let’s look at that part….what if she actually didn’t do it? What is her life going to be like now? What is going to happen to her? No one will look at her the same. She is going to need a job…hmmm….that’s going to be non existent since she has been deemed a murderer by almost everyone. What is her relationship going to be with her family? She is going to be alone. No one deserves that. So I pray for peace in her family and forgiveness and joy and togetherness. I’m sorry. Maybe that’s just my outlook on that!? I hope and pray that as long as she is on this earth that she has peace and at some point can find happiness. When she leaves this Earth, she will face God. And HE will then provide the judgement. Who are we but people. Not God Himself. ONLY HE can provide the proper judgement.

There are tons of people sitting in jail now that were placed in jail based on a jury that went with emotion…or a prosecutor who placed evidence in a courtroom, but it actually wasn’t pointing to the person being tried, but another person. And they themselves know…but because they want to win, they submit it as evidence. How many of us know people that have been placed in jail based on “evidence” but the person actually didn’t do it! I know at least 1! This time though, the prosecutors had no hard evidence that would without a doubt cause Casey Anthony to be guilty. That reasonable doubt factor played a big part. And like my wonderful husband said, “Blame Florida because they didnt do their jobs. Her lawyers did. Justice is imperfect, but in the end the state of Florida needed to do a good job and they didn’t.”

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