Time to reflect

As I sit back and I look at my life over the past few years….it’s been interesting. God has blessed me beyond belief. First, I wake up every morning, sane, in my right mind and able to move. I have use of every single one of my limbs. I have a beautiful family that is just truly amazing. My children are awesome! God over the past few years made me a vessel for yet another one of His creations! They all are, as different as they are from one another. I’m looking at them now in amazement. It’s like really God?! I can see the beauty of the world through a child’s eyes every single day on 3 different levels! An infant, who discovers everything one tiny piece at a time. And a kindergartener, who sees the world through those rose colored glasses! Everything is pretty except fruit flies. lol. And then a 7 year old, who doesn’t understand that everyone is not always nice and everyone is not your friend. Just the fact that I was once these ages and looked at things the same way is amazing to me for some reason. lol. Probably because I do sit and think like I have given birth to 3 wonderful people who will one day grow up and be an adult like me. I hope that I have a good impact on the way that they live their lives!

Just random babble. Hope it was easy to follow. Thanks for reading!

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