SO I am in a marriage and family class at occ and this is one of the topics that we are discussing: marriage and changing trends in the US since the 60’s and 70’s.  So it inspired this:

So many people look at marriage and say, “You know, that’s not really for me”

It’s because you’re conformed to the mindset of serial monogamy

You move from partner to partner, like there’s no consequence

Then when you end up hurt, there’s supposed to be no coincidence

A piece of you left here, a piece of you left there

So much for really loving yourself and treating your life with care

Intimacy is a simple human want and need

But before getting intimate, I think you should take heed

To the fact that you are giving your most prized assett

And then you are surprised by the quality of the person you get

That man or woman that you go home to every night,

They may not like you and the person you are,

Just the image in their sight.


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