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Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day!  I want to start off with saying Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s who read this post!

I’m blessed to have my daddy in my life and him around.  He has ALWAYS bee there for me, always been there to listen and always been there to offer me some fatherly advice.  I love my daddy soooooo much and can’t even imagine what my life would e like with anyone else.  He LOVES his grandbabies and always has a smile on his face when they are around.  I’m glad that whenever he is having a bad day, I have something that can make his smile! 🙂

I have been blessed by God with my hubby!  My hubby LOVES God and puts God first.  That is the greatest thing that a girl could ever ask for.  He is a wonderful father to our babies! You can see love in the way he treats them, in the way he acts with them, the way he cares for them. Our story is truly unique!  We met all on our own, at Walgreens in August of 2002.  His mom and my grandma had been working together for a really long time.  I knew he was a good fit when my sister, Brittany, found nothing about him that she could complain about. Brittany found SOMETHING wrong with every one of my boyfriends.  It was like he just fit.  In Courtney, my little brothers gained an older brother and I am so very grateful that ALL of my brothers and sisters love him!   Now, no one is perfect, but our individual imperfectness (I don’t think that is a word) makes us perfect for each other.

I have to say that I LOVE how my dad and my hubby get along.  My daddy gave me away at my wedding and I still remember him giving a toast at our dinner reception.  It was awesome!  I can’t wait until November 23, 2013!  10 years and we are going to PARTY!  We are going to eat and toast and dance.  I hope that my daddy will give another toast….and maybe, just maybe, I can get my official daddy/daughter dance.  And my hubby and I will get to do our “first dance.” Anyhow…..on and on I could go, but to finish it off,

Happy Father’s Day to 2 of the most important men in my life!

I love you!