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My Anniversary Flowers

As many of you know, Courtney and I have an anniversary tomorrow.  I had a small issue with the flowers that I got so I had to write a blog post about the customer service that I got from ProFlowers.  So today I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Courtney.  I love when my anniversary comes around because I am sure to get some awesome flowers….one of my favorite things to get!  Tis year, he ordered them from ProFlowers, as he has many times before.  However when I opened them and began to unwrap them, there was a small issue.  A few flowers had broken stems near the rose itself.  I called ProFlowers to inform them of what had happened and was greeted by a very happy and upbeat woman on the phone.  This is how our conversation went:

CSR:  Good afternoon.  Thank you for calling ProFlowers.  How can I assist you today?

Me:  Hi.  I am calling because I received the flowers that my husband ordered for our anniversary and and some of the stems on the roses were broken.

CSR:  Oh my!  That’s not good.  And they were like that when you took them out of the box?

Me: Yes. 

CSR:  Let’s go ahead and fix this.  Do you have the order number?

Me:  Yes.  (I give the order number)

CSR: Give me a second while I look that up.  (It only takes a couple of seconds)  I see that this is your 10th anniversary.  Happy anniversary!

Me:  Thank you!

CSR:  I’m sorry the flowers weren’t perfect for you!  This is a big day.  Let me look and see what options the system gives me. (Pause for a few seconds)  Well, because we didn’t get this right the first time, we are going to send you out some more flowers.

Me:  (Thinking….wow.  I actually wasn’t expecting that)  Okay.  That great.

CSR:  Okay so you will receive another 2 dozen roses on or before Tuesday.  You will have a lot of roses for the holiday. 

Me:  (In total shock for the entire order) Wow!  Really?  Thank you so much!

CSR:  I can see that you are happy now.  You didn’t sound so happy at the beginning of the call.  Also, did you know that we have a 7 day freshness guarantee?

Me:  No.  What is that?

CSR:  Well, if the flowers die within the first 7 days of arrival, you give us a call and we replace them.  In your case though, if they new set of flowers isn’t fresh for the 7 days, you would get a refund.

Me:  I had no clue.  Thank you for telling me that.  I had no clue.

The conversation ended normally.  I just had to share what happened to me today.  My honey bought me some super beautiful flowers…and I’m getting another set for free….all because I called.  I wasn’t going to, but then I was thinking…what if there are more that came from my batch of flowers that do the same.  I feel like ProFlowers went above and beyond today!  I will always use them if I have to order some flowers!