Boy…..I have looked at my kids and gone, “WOW! They have a TON of energy. If only I could bottle it up and sell it!” I know there has to be many of us that feel that way! We look around and see them running around in circles sometimes it seems!

I love to look at Olivia though, mainly because she is figuring things out. So while she has energy, it just seems to be more controlled. Lol. She watches her brother and sister and decides in her head that one day she is going to get around like them and she tries but it doesn’t quite happen. So off she goes to try and get into something else. But she’s not even one yet and still she has figured out how to climb the stairs, climb the couch, slide out of her stroller (if she’s not strapped in), and stand up in her high chair (if she’s not strapped in). She’s trying to figure out the ins and outs of all of her toys, picking them up and inspecting them top to bottom! Like right now she has her head thrown back banging on this piano like she is Ray Charles! It’s too funny! But it’s like you can see the light bulbs go off and it’s amazing!

Jazmyn is interesting though. She will ask question after question and then ask the same questions again like 45 minutes later. But then about 4 or 5 days later she she will repeat it back and go remember you told me that! But she is also, at this point, the most mischievous! She does everything under the sun that she isn’t supposed to be doing and it’s all normal for her. Like there is nothing wrong with finding a glue stick in Cj’s school pencil case and gluing a piece of paper to the wall! She is our little musician though. Very artistic and uses her imagination so vividly and can describe things that never happened to the point that you almost have to question when they occurred! She loves schoolwork though. Most artistic people don’t like the actual reality of schoolwork. I know I don’t! But she is at the stage where she is eager to learn and she is asking questions like how do you spell this and how do you spell that! And my favorite because I love numbers is, “Mom, what is 3+2?” I tell her then ask what is 2+3 and she will say, I don’t know, what’s 2+3? Then when I tell her it’s 5 too, she gets all excited and goes really? Lol. I love this eagerness to learn! I’m excited about Kindergarten for her because all it’s going to do is peak her interest. She wants to add and subtract and spell and a lot of that stuff doesn’t come til later!

Now CJ, the 7 year old lover boy. Lol! He is an amazing people person! He doesn’t quite like the learning process over playtime, but hey….you don’t have a choice. He is smart but sometimes it seems like he lacks the confidence to show it! He is a very good reader, but he is always second guessing himself. And so now when he asks me a word that he doesn’t think that he can say, I ask him what does he think it is. 90% of the time, he’s right and that makes him happy! Especially when I remind him that he can do anything and that we are proud of him! The energy levels on that boy though. Wow! He can run around all day everyday and just never run out of energy it seems. Sometimes we have to make him come get water. He is starting to understand though that the moment he starts sweating he needs to rehydrate. It’s amazing to see the smile on his face when he had something good to say about school. His teacher gave him at least 20 books at the end of the year. And he was excited to get them! I hope that he can have a new excitement every year when it’s time to go to school! I know as you get older, the excitement fades and you are just like when does school start again? But I have to figure out a way to keep him from dimming the bright light that he now sees every time it’s time to get a new shirt for school or a new school supply list. Now Cj does stay excited about sports. Those of you who know him from when he was a baby remember one thing most…”Detroit Basketball!” lol. That boy and his Detroit Pistons. Dad has a diehard fan to go to every game that they are able no matter what it looks like! His favorite player has been Chauncey Billups. We know because when he got traded, and came back here to play the Pistons, Cj still cheered for him even though his beloved team was the home team.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my little rant about my kids and the different things about them that amaze me!


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